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How long would it take to drive to the Moon?

Answer : Since there are no surface routes that connect Earth with the moon, it is not possible to drive there. About 238,855 miles (or 384,400 km) separate Earth from the moon, which is more than 30 times the radius of the planet.

Rockets or other spacecraft are the only vehicles that can be used to get to the moon. The speed of the spacecraft and the trajectory picked will both affect how long it takes to reach the moon.

The Apollo missions, the only manned expeditions to the moon, travelled there in a little over three days. Depending on the particular mission and the chosen trajectory, the precise time changed.

Going to the moon would take about the same amount of time, if not longer, with present technology. However, as most space organisations are concentrating on other space exploration goals, such as visiting Mars and beyond, there are presently no plans to send people to the moon in the foreseeable future.

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