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What is federal court?

Answer : A federal court is a court of law that can hear cases involving federal law or how the nation’s Constitution should be interpreted. In Canada, the Federal Court is a national court with jurisdiction across the country. It ...

What is Canada’s National Sports?

Answer : Ice hockey and lacrosse are the two recognised national sports of Canada. The winter sport of ice hockey is often regarded as Canada’s national pastime and is engrained in the national psyche. From backyard rinks to professional leagues, ...

What is the largest city in Canada?

Answer : Toronto, in the province of Ontario, is the most populous city in Canada. Statistics Canada’s most recent census numbers indicate that as of 2021, Toronto had a population of over 2.9 million. After Mexico City, New York City, ...

When did Canada get independence?

Answer : On April 17, 1982, when Queen Elizabeth II signed the Canada Act, Canada is regarded as having achieved full independence from the United Kingdom. This Act gave the Canadian government the legal ability to modify the Canadian Constitution, ...

What are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?

Answer : The stage and kind of the cancer, as well as other individual characteristics, can affect the specific symptoms of lung cancer. The following are some typical signs of lung cancer: Persistent cough : A cough that doesn’t go ...