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What type of language is PHP?

Answer : PHP is a popular open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially well suited for web development and can be integrated into HTML. PHP is also known as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

What is the difference between coal and biomass?

Answer : Both coal and biomass are energy sources, however they have several key differences. Origin : Coal is a fossil fuel that originated from the remains of ancient plants and animals over millions of years. Contrarily, biomass is derived ...

What is biomass renewable energy?

Answer : In order to provide energy that can be supplied throughout time by natural processes, organic matter from living or recently lived organisms is referred to as biomass renewable energy. Because it is made from organic materials that may ...

What is meant by the term biomass?

Answer : Any organic material that can be utilised as a source of energy and is derived from live or recently living creatures is referred to as biomass. Among other things, biomass might consist of wood, crop residues, agricultural waste, ...

What is one example of biomass?

Answer : Wood is one type of biomass. From ancient times, people have used wood for heating and cooking, making it a common source of biomass energy. Wood can be directly burned to generate heat or it can be transformed ...

What is biomass energy?

Answer : A form of renewable energy called biomass is produced from organic stuff, such as plants, crops, and waste products. When the organic material is burned or transformed into other types of energy, it is a sort of chemical ...

What is the source of biomass energy?

Answer : Organic matter from plants, trees, crops, and animal waste is the source of biomass energy. Many materials, including wood, wood chips, sawdust, grasses, agricultural waste, food waste, and municipal solid waste, can be used to create biomass energy. ...

What type of energy is biomass?

Answer : Renewable energy called biomass is produced from organic materials like plants, trees, crops, and animal waste. It is an energy kind that is chemically stored in organic materials by photosynthesis and can be released through burning or other ...