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What are circulating tumor cells breast cancer?

Answer : Cancer cells that have broken away from the main tumour and migrated into the bloodstream are known as circulating tumour cells (CTCs). A process known as metastasis allows these cells to spread via the bloodstream to different bodily regions where they may develop into new cancers.

CTCs are cancer cells that, in the instance of breast cancer, have their origins in the breast tissue and are currently moving through the bloodstream. Patients with early-stage or advanced-stage breast cancer may have CTCs in their blood, and their discovery can be used to track the disease’s development and how well treatments are working.

In order to perform a CTC test, blood must be drawn from the patient, and CTCs must be found and isolated from the blood using specialist technology. This can be helpful in assisting with treatment decisions, such as choosing the most efficient chemotherapy regimen and tracking the efficacy of the course of treatment. To fully comprehend CTC testing’s potential clinical relevance in the management of breast cancer, more research is required as it is not currently commonly employed in clinical practise.

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