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What are the signs and symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma?

Answer : Squamous cells, the flat cells that make up the top layer of skin, are where squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a specific type of skin cancer, originates. Depending on the location and stage of the malignancy, the signs and symptoms of SCC might vary, but some typical ones include:

  1. Persistent, scaly red patches or lesions on the skin
  2. Sores that do not heal or recur
  3. Raised, warty or crusty bumps that may bleed or form a scab
  4. Thick, rough, or crusted patches on the skin that can be tender to the touch
  5. Open sores that may ooze or crust over
  6. Itching or burning in the affected area
  7. Pain or tenderness in the affected area

SCC can develop anywhere on the body, but it tends to appear more frequently on exposed skin, such the hands, arms, face, and neck. While early detection and treatment of SCC can improve outcomes and lower the risk of complications, it is crucial to have any persistent skin changes or lesions checked by a healthcare practitioner.

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