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What causes small cell carcinoma?

Answer : Small cell carcinoma is a kind of cancer that generally develops in the lungs, although it can also develop in the prostate, pancreas, and bladder, among other organs. It is brought on by genetic changes in the cells that promote uncontrollable cell growth and division.

Exposure to tobacco smoke, which contains numerous cancer-causing chemicals that can harm a cell’s DNA, is the primary cause of small cell carcinoma in the majority of instances. Exposure to radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can be found in some homes and buildings, as well as exposure to specific substances like asbestos and diesel exhaust are additional risk factors for small cell carcinoma.

Small cell carcinoma may occasionally have a hereditary component as well. It’s possible that some people have genetic abnormalities from birth that put them at higher risk of getting the illness.

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