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What is biomass renewable energy?

Answer : In order to provide energy that can be supplied throughout time by natural processes, organic matter from living or recently lived organisms is referred to as biomass renewable energy. Because it is made from organic materials that may be regrown, replanted, or reused without diminishing finite resources, biomass renewable energy is regarded as a type of renewable energy.

A range of materials, including wood, agricultural crops and byproducts, food waste, municipal solid waste, and animal manure, can be used to create biomass renewable energy. Before being burned or transformed into other types of energy, the organic matter is normally collected and treated to remove impurities and moisture. When produced and used sustainably, biomass renewable energy can be used to generate heat, electricity, or liquid and gaseous fuels, and it has the potential to lessen reliance on fossil fuels, offer energy security, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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