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What is martial law?

Answer : A situation of emergency or crisis may call for the imposition of martial law, a form of governance in which the military assumes power and civil authority is suspended. This implies that the military would assume control of the executive, judicial, and legislative departments of the government. Martial law is normally imposed only under the most extreme situations, such as during a big natural disaster, a significant terrorist attack, or protracted civil unrest.

Civil freedoms and individual rights are frequently suspended during martial law, and residents may be subject to curfews, travel restrictions, and other population-controlling measures. Instead of civilian courts, military tribunals may occasionally be utilised to trial civilians.

Martial law is a severe, frequently divisive action that can have a considerable impact on residents’ lives. The declaration of martial law may need to get approval from the head of state or other governing authorities and is frequently subject to examination by the judiciary or the legislative branch.

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