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What is meant by the term biomass?

Answer : Any organic material that can be utilised as a source of energy and is derived from live or recently living creatures is referred to as biomass. Among other things, biomass might consist of wood, crop residues, agricultural waste, food waste, and animal manure.

Via various procedures including burning, gasification, fermentation, or other types of conversion, biomass can release stored energy. The process of photosynthesis, in which plants and other living things use light to turn carbon dioxide and water into organic matter, is where this stored energy originates from. As the carbon was previously present in the atmosphere and would be reabsorbed by new plant growth through the carbon cycle, the carbon dioxide generated during the conversion process of biomass is considered neutral in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Because it comes from living things and can be regenerated through eco-friendly methods like reforestation, crop rotation, and waste management, biomass is regarded as a renewable energy source.

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